WEHRA’s official website

Key Information

MP & Councillors

Our Member of Parliament:  Stephen Hammond  stephen.hammond.mp@parliament.uk

Our Hillside Ward Councillors:  

Councillor Daniel Holden – daniel.holden@merton.gov.uk  

Councillor Susie Hicks – susie.hicks@merton.gov.uk

Merton Council

Merton Council:  www.merton.gov.uk or 020 8274 4901 


If you have a problem with flooding and especially if this includes sewage contact Thames Water on their 24 hour service: 0800 316 9800


The police have a small but dedicated team to police our area. They also take an active role in the meetings of the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel where panel participants discuss local crime and prevention. The Panel includes members of the dedicated police team, representatives of local residents’ associations (including WEHRA), the Commons Rangers, a school head and a local publican.

The Police contact details are as follows:-

EMERGENCY: Phone  999


Hillside Safer Neighbourhoods Team:

ANTI TERRORISM HOTLINE: Phone 0800 789 321

CRIMESTOPPERS: Phone 0800 555 111  or visit Crimestoppers

Tree Wardens: visit Merton Council’s site

Rubbish collection and recycling days

Controlled Parking Zones

WEHRA is covered by two Controlled Parking Zones both of which are operational between the hours of 8.30am – 6.30pm, Monday – Saturday.